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Thread: RelicHunt RtCW SP map

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    RelicHunt RtCW SP map

    Just released a new Single Player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein called 'RelicHunt'. It weighs in at 8MB in either (currently) a *.exe self extracting file or zip archive. For more details and info (including screen shots) visit the microsite

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    looking very good

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    and again kat forces me to play rtcw again :drink:
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    and again kat forces me to play rtcw again
    hehe, thanks guys.

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    Re: RelicHunt RtCW SP map


    Just updated the info on this and removed all the dead links and other obsolete info. Relic Hunt is now available from it's own microsite -

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    Re: RelicHunt RtCW SP map

    Yo$hik has uploaded a playthrough for Relic Hunt in "extreme quality"! You can watch it on my website here:

    RTCW SP Mapper

    My website:

    Blogspot site with reviews of recent Rtcw Sp Maps:

    My Mod DB page

    My playthroughs on Youtube


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