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Thread: ATTENTION!!!!!

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    Well, obviously if your the last one left alive, and the engy is going to plant by the objective, then its obvious to nuke their only eng. However, most of the time, panz is in front, say spawncamping, with the team supporting. If u kill one med, say, outta 3, or one eng outta 2, without damaging any others, then you've most likely wasted the shot. If u severly damage 4, it allows your team to mop up the rest, wheras if you only targeted a single outlier, damaging none other than the one you killed, your team has nearly the same fight than if you missed the shot in the first place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kendle
    I can only assume you two aren't clan
    Twas a bit of a harsh comment for a conflicting point of view (Yes, my strategy has gotten full holds and choke point/lock-down breakthroughs before )
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    Sorry BlackDeath, didn't mean to sound so disrespectful, but seriously, in Clan play, 1 dead and gibbed enemy > any number of damaged but still active enemies. Making mincemeat out of 1 enemy at the expense of damaging others is never a waste of time.

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    Always good to prioritise if you have the time-
    Personally i do
    Fld Ops

    But i do understand Black death's point of view so the list above is subject to change depending on the state of play
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    Re: ATTENTION!!!!!

    bump. Does anyone still play this game? Still looking for a clan.

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    Re: ATTENTION!!!!!

    List of active clans here. Left lower corner of this page shows active clans

    And yes, the game is still played and there have been lots of new maps generated the last years. Even a HD version of et is available (ET Legacy)

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    Re: ATTENTION!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ne_ZX View Post
    bump. Does anyone still play this game? Still looking for a clan.
    Considering the dates this is legit the funniest post I've ever seen on this forum.

    Also we are still active here: if you're in to our kinda thing.


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