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    Guardian's triggerfinger problem.

    when holding the hurtsall 2k in idle, guardian does not only show no trigger-discipline whatsoever but shoots with the second segment of the finger. (shown in attachment "1")

    when looking at the hurtsall 2k model from the side (shown in attachment "2") you can see the trigger being fairly large and the fact that it's not visible in the idle pose must mean it's quite a bit more narrow than the frame and the finger sticks out more than it seems at first.

    its true that the fn-2000 has a strong trigger pull so you could argue that you would place the finger slightly further down the first segment as normal (shown as the old style in my attachment "3") but guardian seems to touch the trigger either between the segments or even on the second segment making her look like a complete rookie concerning firearms and not like a trained mercenary.

    plz fix :<
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