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Thread: Question for developers

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    Question for developers

    The size of headboxes are equal for both teams ?
    Or would it be possible to change it for one team and leave it the same for the other ?

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    Re: Question for developers

    I see you've changed your profile picture. good choice

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    Re: Question for developers

    Ofc there is, that's the base for our lulu hacks

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    Re: Question for developers

    Quote Originally Posted by Randolf View Post
    Ofc there is, that's the base for our lulu hacks
    I wish it was that easy:
    "ok, if this is one of the developers, then a lot gets explained"
    And by "a lot" I mean some of the game's bugs.

    But still, I rather have an explanation for the mass disconnects and mass lags. And have an concrete answer for what I asked in this thread.
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    Re: Question for developers

    btw, I named this thing, the "lolo" thing.
    not that I am going to use it very often because you wont ear from me again.

    have fun playing this sort of games, with all the suckers in background changing the odds.


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