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    Phantom is ridiculously OP after the Hunter update. No audio warning, and nearly invisible even when moving? How do you defend yourself against a merc who sits near an objective completely invisible and as you as you move past, uncloaks and kills you with 2 melee attacks?
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    Re: Phantom

    Confirmed that visual and audio changes will be added next week

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    Re: Phantom

    I haven't visited this forum in forever, but after playing a few rounds tonight, I felt compelled to.

    Phantom was just ruining the game. Invisible, super powerful melee, moves fast, disables deployables, and lots of HP. Guys are just uncloaking in a group and going crazy, and then just jump away. Or, they mess up their first strike get shot in the head a few times, but still have the speed and HP to withstand and finish the other guy off. Really frustrating.

    If you want a covert operative who kills easily, that merc should be easy to take down as well...


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