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Thread: Ban Pliscin-7 and DrJekyll

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    Ban Pliscin-7 and DrJekyll

    Today the same as last week happened.

    Was playing all day without any problem. After Pliscin-7 joins, everyone gets lagged, and they blame me for it.
    So, I got kicked from server after a couple of votes.

    A bit later I join back with a fake nick. Just to see how Pliscin-7 was telling everyone that the promod server was ready for them to join it.
    Till now, I was not sure exactly what were the intentions of these 2 (or more, probably much more).
    Was in doubt if it was to get me out of the game or to get people to go play in their promod server.

    I have no more doubts that the main intention is the second, and the 1st is just bonus.

    So, to all admins of the affected servers, please ban these 2 before they get away with this.
    Banning me wont make any difference because they will create some fake random nick and pretend it is me.

    I think the ban is more than justified. Even common cheaters allow other people to play. But this is much worse.

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    Re: Ban Pliscin-7 and DrJekyll


    You need help, but not from the admins.

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    Re: Ban Pliscin-7 and DrJekyll

    You already make this thread (Lulu Hackers), and it was already closed, not the smartest idea to create a new one.

    Please stop making hackusation and witchhunt posts/threads, they aren't allowed and may result in an account ban/suspension, not the course of action I'd like to see.

    If you have problems with particular players on particular servers might be best to speak privately with the server admins instead.


    A reminder to everyone else, personal insults and attackers are also not permitted, reign it in guys.

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