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    Trinket Possibilities (Happy early 50k subs DB Team!!!)

    I get it, Hunter was finally revealed today, and he is coming into the game next week. However, I believe the community needs to have a reality check: a trinket is much more important than a new merc (entirely false), and who cares about terminal remastered?(I do, can't wait!) the point is: a new trinket and milestone will be reached soon, possibly before Dirty Bomb 1.0, our little game is growing up guys!

    For those who don't know, I am the guy who asked for the trinket/subscriber milestone (I know it says "Ness," but that's my youtube profile, and someone stole it from me on the DB forums before I could claim it, long story), and I've been waiting for this announcement for a while.

    Now that we are finally getting a trinket soon, I have a list of wonderful ideas, and I ask you guys to post your ideas here as well!

    -C4: I've wanted a trinket of the C4 for a while now, and it may be possible either now or for an event (maybe for a meme it could say "Treemendous," but I'm not too certain I like that)

    -EV: Cool tank, already has a model, looks dope (you could even change it depending on the team you're on)

    -Team player trinket: This is an interesting one, as it changes depending on the team you are on! Jackal gets the jackal logo (maybe even an explosive noise) and the CDA gets the CDA logo (with maybe fortifying barricade noises), letting you be a team player no matter who you stab, shoot, or blow up!

    -Dirty Bomb Logo: logo smashes together like at the end of every trailer and update video on the youtube channel

    -Katana: stabsolutely (just don't poke your eye out with it)

    -Missile: looks cool, little animation plays of rockets starting up

    -Ice cream trinket: Probably better for some Summer themed update, but does summer even happen in london?

    -shoe. (either the man, the beard, or the object)

    -Pizza (no other questions? good, this could even hint at an Italian merc)

    Again, feel free to leave your suggestions below, just keep them appropriate and realistic.

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    Re: Trinket Possibilities (Happy early 50k subs DB Team!!!)

    maybe some stuff from the roots ... so stuff from ET... and a absolute must... one tapir!
    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>


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