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    ****ing good or just luck


    just wondering... verry good or just luck ... sure i was low in healph but he turned 180 and HS me

    what do you think?

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    Re: ****ing good or just luck

    Seems like your opponent warped for a small amount of time and when he connected back everything (position and firing) resolved at the same time.

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    Re: ****ing good or just luck

    I'd say no big deal there, you were running for a knife kill when low life, he just turned and headshot'd you in close combat.
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    Re: ****ing good or just luck

    Seems clean cut - you had no HP, they had a healing stn a body shot prob would have done it.

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    Re: ****ing good or just luck

    One of the oldest rules in FPS; run with your gun up so that you don't have to elevate to aim. He had his gun at head level so when he turned and saw you one shot was all that was necessary. You probably scared him to death and he flinched squeezing off the round that quickly. NOW, if it happened repeatedly that's a different story. But in this example, no foul seen.
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    Re: ****ing good or just luck

    thanks for all your replys...
    i know i was low on HP and I dont complain about he killed me... I was only wondering about this 180 HS not more

    PS. shoot me in DB
    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>


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