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Thread: JayMod 2.0.6 server!

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    JayMod 2.0.6 server!

    Do you happen to nostalgicly remember the old days of ET where you spent all your days playing on amazing JayMod 2.0.6 public servers like, or the Oops! clan ? If you do aswell, then you must be sick and tired of playing on the new JayMod 2.2.0 where the original fun and gameplay of the early JayMod versions has been replaced by constant heavyweapons spam, freaking molotov/panzer kamikazes, poison smokes and OP mines everywhere. But don't worry, here I come to you with a dead (but great) Mod brought back to life zombie style. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you the [hYpe]cLan-bEginners server!

    What features do we have on that JayMod 2.0.6 server ?

    - Vulnerable panzer rockets, so that panzers can be countered in a skillful and fun way
    - Level 5 soldier demands incredible dedication to reach (1000 XP) and it doesn't accelerate the stamina recharge, so that yet again, panzers get nerfed a bit
    - Double Jump
    - Custom fun menu sounds and admin sounds (Try to keep the teams even, etc)
    - Custom weapon sounds and skins to accentuate the oldschool vibe
    - No overpowered mines that can instakill a medic with full HP
    - Mines are restricted to a fairly short amount, in an effort to foster skillful usage of SMG weapons, instead of spam
    - No extra nades when you get the fifth star, to discourage spam once again
    - No freaking molotov, but the shotgun has been enabled (fun weapon to use and not too OP)
    - Every player spawns with poison needles and can throw regular knives (no poison knives to avoid unnessecarry trolling )
    - XP save
    - Binocular war (every gibbed player drops a binocular, the one who manages to pick up most of them wins)
    - XMAS theme at the moment
    - No bull**** maps that will make everyone leave. Oldschool maps will be added later if requested (like snatch etc)
    - ...

    Getting a server populated nowadays is really difficult so I think the best thing to do for me is to have a few clan members who can gather at a certain hour everyday and join the server together to attract regular players.
    As xfire is down, so is my ET players contact list. So if anyone here would like to join the [hYpe] Team and help me populate the server, join the [hYpe] textual chat "Discord" here so we can gather
    and join the server everyday together when evertone is connected!

    Thank you for reading, and don't forget to get hYped!
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