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    Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    Halloween has come to the streets of London, in a new two week event.

    The CDA have started enjoying the quiet life. So, we tasked Phantom with spreading a little Halloween cheer. A touch of invisibility and dash of spray paint later; well, let’s just say he’d done a little… rebranding. A few cases with our logo, a lick of paint for a few weapons… classic hooligan work.

    Problem is, he did such a good job now every Tom, Dick and 'Arry wants one. So we've put them up for sale on the Black Market.

    Jackal's Eve is a two week event that has you earning Limited Edition content as you battle on the streets of London.

    Jackal's Eve will take place on the following dates:

    • London (BST, UTC +1): 09:00 Wed, October 25 - 9:00 Wed, November 8
    • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7): 01:00 Wed, October 25 - 01:00 Wed, November 8
    • Beijing (CST, UTC +8): 16:00 Wed, October 25 - 17:00 Wed, November 8
    • Sydney (AEST, UTC +10): 19:00 Wed, October 25 - 20:00 Wed, November 8


    Shrieks are a limited time currency that can be earned by playing in matches, or by picking up bundles of them in the Store. Shrieks left over at the end of the event transfer back to Credits at a 1:1 conversion.



    Want to make the most of the Jackal's Eve event?

    The Jackal Lantern Trinket gives you extra Shrieks and your enemies shivers, with a spooky sound that nearby players can hear when you inspect your weapon.

    Equipping it gives you 50% extra Shrieks for every match you complete, and also boosts the Shriek earnings of ALL players in your matches by 5%.

    These stack up to an additional 50%, so the more players have them equipped, the more everyone will earn.

    Pick it up in the Store and get earning those Shrieks!


    Phantom's handiwork has led to a rebranding of some Merc outfits.

    These Limited Edition Jackal's Eve Loadout Cards can be earned during the course of the event, and can be found in three types of branded cases.


    There are three types of Jackal's Eve Cases available during the event:

    Jackal's Eve Equipment Case

    Jackal's Eve Equipment Cases can be bought in the Store for 600 Shrieks. They have a 2% chance of dropping a Jackal's Eve Loadout Card.

    Jackal's Eve Elite Cases

    These replace standard Elite Cases in the Store for the duration of the event, and give you a 10% chance of scoring a Jackal's Eve Loadout Card. Bundles also contain guaranteed Jackal's Eve Event Cases.

    Jackal's Eve Event Case

    These cost 12,000 Shrieks and are guaranteed to drop a Jackal's Eve Loadout Card.


    Jackal have smuggled a mysterious case into London. They're willing to part with it, for a price, but who knows when they'll give up the code to open it?

    This case contains a mystery item, and will be openable in a future update. Make sure you hold onto it!


    We've been monitoring the performance of Ranked Season 4, and have started making tweaks to improve the overall experience. We'll keep on making more improvements as the season continues!

    • Updated the Win/Loss Elo calculations to better reflect actual chances of each team winning based on average team skill, this means that:
      • Winning against a higher skilled team results in a much greater Rank increase
      • Winning against a lower skilled team results in a much smaller Rank increase
      • Losing against a higher skilled team results in a much smaller Rank decrease
      • Losing against a lower skilled team results in a much greater Rank decrease
    • Updated Ranked penalties for leaving a match to scale up to 7 days (from 3 days)
    • Fixed bug where average team rank would not appear for CDA
    • Fixed bug where the 'Asia / Aus' region was named the 'Singapore' region
    • Fixed bug where more than 3 maps could be deselected


    • Fixed bug where Augments no longer had an effect
    • Fixed bug where the proximity detection trigger-box for Proximity Mines was also acting as a hitbox for the Mine itself, and would often receive double damage if both boxes were hit at the same time
      • Reduced Proximity Mine health to 7HP to compensate for the smaller hitbox and that it no longer takes double damage (from 30HP)
    • Fixed bug where projectiles thrown during warm-up phase could persist to the start of the round (Grenades, Molotovs, etc)
    • Fixed bug where Guardian's Sky Shield would destroy deployables that have already been placed (Heartbeart Sensor, Sticky Grenades, Air Strike marker, Snitch)
    • Renamed 'Guardian XP' to 'Savior XP' (XP earned from killing an enemy who is attacking a friendly) to avoid confusion
    • Fixed a bug where estimated Match times could be significantly wrong in matchmaking
    • Fixed a bug where the Exit button wouldn't exit the game on the first use
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    Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    So my fag packet calcs:
    12k case ~= 50hrs gameplay ~= 3.5hrs per day for 14 days...

    In reality this is more like 4hrs per day due to queueing etc.

    Who the heck has a spare 4hrs every single evening!

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    Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    Or the regular card route, so far I've had lead, lead, lead, lead, lead, lead and lead .

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    Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    Who the heck has a spare 4hrs every single evening!
    Completely in sync with the F2P mantra, it's a hassle and feels unfair (aka. 'pleasurable pain',) so you fork over some dough to relieve the pain of going through hours, upon hours of pointless grind, in order to obtain the pettiest of digital goods. Add to that the forced time-limit, and you can be sure the economic department are padding themselves on the back, for their perceived stroke of genius. And like every peddler worth his salt, you are given a freebie, in form of a contraband case, to lure you in. It's high-fiving and lulz all the way to the bank, at the executive halls of SD Towers.
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    Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    I love these events, the salt they generate keeps me amused for weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: Jackal's Eve Update Release Notes - 25th October, 2017

    Sodium chloride levels are high Still no special cards from about 50 or so, did get a regular gold though.


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