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    Very low FPS not even in game !

    Hello there,

    First, I'm not bilingual so please, pardon my poor english.. :p

    I have a little problem since 2-3 days: I have a very low FPS and without playing, just sitting in the main menu.
    I played this game before without any problems, high FPS and so on but now it's not the same as before. Suddenly, I suffer 20 FPS on the main menu (imagine playing !). I can't explain this. I moved to my new flat but it can't be that, I have a better connexion than before. Well, I'm running out of idea, I can't explain why the game is so low. I tried to play a game, but it's the same as the main menu => 20 FPS. My other games work as asual, no low FPS, nothing.

    I uninstall the game two times then managed to reinstall it but nothing changed at all.

    You can see the FPS of my main menu =>

    My config:

    Intel i7 7700k
    Asus GTX 1070 o/c
    Asus Z270E
    G.Skill 2x8 Go
    W10 Pro x64

    As you can see, I could run the game easily... So if you have any ideas, please share with me, it will be appreciated !

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    Re: Very low FPS not even in game !

    Okay guys, I know why I have this prob' ! FML my 1070 GTX is out lol. My other games consume very little resources that's why I didn't see the chipset graphic's swap...I'm very sad.

    Btw have a good day and sorry for this useless post !


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