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    waiting my ass off


    since long time I started again plaing DB.
    great to see all this new stuff
    I realy hope hard that the matchmaking lead to more balanced teams!

    but for the moment the different typtes of waiting ist really a waste of time.

    now we wait for
    • finding match
    • waiting for players
    • pregame lobby
    • joining session
    • showing all the stiff from all teammates
    • connecting to match
    • listing the objectics and loading
    • waiting for all players to connect and readyup
    • waiting for warmup to end

    just watch this vid and then tell me if it is so much fun

    is it maybe possible doing som of the stuff in paralel for example while showing all the stuff of the teammates already connecting the match and the maploading

    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    This style of mm really should be for those who want balanced matches in the mode that game is intended to be played: SW. Currently, casual isnt very casual. You wait, get a game, wait some more, and if you are lucky it's been only 5 minutes before you actually begin playing. Then if the game isn't balanced and want to leave for another match you can't because you get a penalty.

    Objective is for blowing off steam and trying out new mercs, it should not be treated like it's the main game mode for this game.
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    Re: waiting my ass off

    cant wait till they remove server browser all togather and limit it to 6vs6 objective of 6vs6 stopwatch with the fun 15+min wait to find people, then all the other fun waits.. then doing it again because, even if it was a good match and people would like to just vote on a next map..thats not possible/an option, match making is far superior!!! (Really..somehow..)

    imho, i would have no problem if they ADDED match making 6vs6 for both modes casual and kept comp as is...AND kept the server browser and servers for 7vs7 and 8vs8(and add 8vs8 stopwatch as well..that would be fun imho...)

    but..removing it as an option...and limiting us to this **** match making system .....

    well they force it for all modes..i will remove the game...and play something else or buy something that dosnt just, from my perspective, and others i know, it kinda feels like SD is defficating on the current player base by removing options we enjoyed... rather then just adding options(matchmaking)....

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    I sometimes like to play against my friends. Kinda hard to do that if everything is MM.
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    Re: waiting my ass off

    I have to agree. If I'm being honest, I find the experience terrible now.

    Last night I fancied a casual game. It was about 11.30pm, but I waited for 10 minutes without a match. So I went for the server browser instead - on which, there was only 1 join-able game. Needless to say, it was a mix of level 5s and level 30s, hopelessly imbalanced. Off to PUBG.

    I used to be able to click "quick play", select "stopwatch" and almost instantly join a decent game. I now find, when I have an hour free for gaming, I'm starting to avoid DB because of these issues.

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    and after all this waiting we end up in verry unbalanced games there minumum one of the weak team leave within the first minutes (wich dont make it better)
    the last games I played there all verry short...
    if attacking: no chance to even do the first obj... maybe ended up in getting spawnkilled
    if defending we simple get rolled over... in recort times!
    this is no fun!
    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>

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    Re: waiting my ass off


    today just again a verry bad example how to not have fun with DB

    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    With the arrival of CMM and the new ranked season, it feels like public has gone terrible.

    Either you wait on average 6-7 minutes to get a ranked game with, let's be honest, a pretty good balance overall, (unless someone queued party with a bronze), or you go public and most of your games will look like this :

    The sad thing is, CMM and ranked seemed to have worked the other way round : Newcomers still use server browser while experienced ones only go to ranked. With no min level servers available anymore, it's like hell to actually have a interesting game outside ranked, which a real problem for me.

    Currently way too many players from AIE left DB for a while so I'm not even able to fill our community server. I don't even know if you've kept it online...

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    I smiled at the GIF, then I realised the lawnmower was representing the EV and fell off my chair.

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    Re: waiting my ass off

    One of the reasons I only play pub is this, I'm not going to sit and wait for 10 minutes to get stomped when I can get stomped right away in pub

    Also really need to get min/max level servers back (and max ping would be good as well).


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