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    How to enjoy the solo queue

    As plenty of threads already point out the ranked experience of the solo queue currently is, uhm, lacking.

    Nevertheless I finally found a way to make it worthwhile so here is how:

    When deciding upon my squad, I pick 2 mercs I'm competent with and that are helpful to aid with the objective. A medic with the mechanic perk always is a good choice, so is everything that can give ammo and destroy the EV/generator.

    For the 3rd slot I pick a merc I'm clueless with. Snipers, Rhino and Phantom are general good choices. My current favorite is Aimee with the Grandeur. She's fast and can cause chaos while the Snitch collects XP even if you can't hit anything.

    So when the game starts I pick one of my useful mercs and play the game seriously for 2 or 3 minutes.

    If the first few minutes show that it's a good game, I continue playing it seriously. Doesn't matter who wins, it's a fun game.

    If the first few minutes show that my team is much better, I continue to play it seriously and collect easy 50 credits. Crappy game but at least I made a quick buck.

    If the first few minutes show that some of the players in my team are clueless, I switch to the 3rd merc and join the cluelessness. This makes us fail even harder. Nevertheless I can practice my bad merc and over time get better (supposedly).

    Eventually I start a vote for surrender. Quite often this works out, the crap is over and I quickly earned 10 credits. Sometimes it takes a little convincing in the chat like:

    "Surrender for quick 10 credits"
    "Surrender gives you 10 credits now instead of in 20 minutes"
    "Surrender means more credits per minute"
    Typically soon after that someone else starts a vote for surrender which succeeds. Voila, crap over and 10 credits.

    Every once in a while some butt hurt tryhard refuses to surrender. Well, then it's more practice for my bad merc.

    To sum up the advantages:

    You spend more time playing good games and less playing crappy ones.
    You earn more credits per minute.
    You practice mercs you're inexperienced with.
    Instead of getting angry about crappy snipers you become one. It's a zen thing.
    They only downside is that now a lot more players hate me for being a crappy sniper. I guess I have to live with that.

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    Re: How to enjoy the solo queue

    This is the type that gets me de-ranked 2 levels in one sitting.

    Let me give you a bit of advice. In a team-oriented game/competition, learn not only the merc roles, but fill in the requirements of the team. It's called team composition. You can practice that in various games, not just Dirty Bomb.


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