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    New Dev Video: Vault Preview

    Hey all!

    Want a preview of the next map hitting Dirty Bomb? You've come to the right place:

    Extra Credits Weekend:
    Community Spotlight: CLEAR THE MINES by 'TheSpanishInquisition':

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    Re: New Dev Video: Vault Preview

    Well ..This looks Mavelous ..already rating this map 9.5 for all aspects of it ..and voting for Best DB map..and a special WOW to Art guys GJ

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    Re: New Dev Video: Vault Preview

    Looks fantastic. These maps are so much more detailed and creative than the early set of maps. Bravo!
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    Re: New Dev Video: Vault Preview

    Great job in pretty damn short. Period of time! short For dirtybomb I mean, of course, not usual short ::::DDDD


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