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Thread: Bug ? Hack ? What ?

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    Re: Bug ? Hack ? What ?

    rofl, not everytime
    unless you want daily threads (or maybe by the hour).
    this is just something that i got demo of.

    even that stuff that i posted in the other thread (which were 4 or 5 different things) is just a bit of what i have seen.
    its like crime. someone gets busted only after they do it many times. and even, some never get busted at all.

    but you seem to think this was a bug ...
    have you seen other instances of it ?

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    Re: Bug ? Hack ? What ?

    Quote Originally Posted by edxot View Post
    i did it once, when i was still a taw member.
    some members of your clan used the opportunity to teamkill me with impunity.

    your talk only make you look like a hero in your imagination.
    in fact you are a coward. coming here in fake nick, and flaming.
    also, this thread is not about your clan.

    seeing cheaters in one side, me on the other, and people preferring to side with the cheaters party ...
    thank you, but i don't need more ego boosts.

    THIS is the muppet's agenda, drama

    I just like trollin him
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: Bug ? Hack ? What ?

    you're the muppet here
    there is no agenda
    that was a reply to some off-topic bs
    the same way this is


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