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    FAQ-ing Fridays #2 - 28th April, 2017

    Hey all,

    Welcome to FAQ-ing Fridays number 2!

    If you didn't know, what we're doing every Friday is combining all of the juicy dev replies we've done during the week into one central space so no-one will be out of the loop with anything we say. As always all feedback is welcome and if you can think of a way to improve this further let us know.

    We also saw after last weeks FAQ-ing Friday that you guys posted a LOT of questions in the comments, so we'll see what we can do to get back to you on those (and the new ones we expect on this post too).

    So here we go:


    Kyle - I've been playing for over 50 hours now and it has always been smooth and around 170 FPS then the game crashed around 4 days ago and now the frame rate is really choppy

    It could be that a recent change to your system caused this to happen, like new software or something. Definitely submit a ticket to our support team for further help. You can do this on the website.

    Masist - Please remove snipers from the game. There are a lot noobs who camp and one body shot a 170 hp merc

    Snipers don't deal that much damage with body shots. The Merc that died must of received damage from another source prior, otherwise they'd still be alive and kicking.

    Ben - Looking back over some old FAQs and if you owned Proxy before the culprit event, shouldn't you have received an obsidian card?

    Sadly no. The only Merc we've done that with is Phoenix at the moment. You either got him free if you didn't own him, or you got an Obsidian Card for him if you did.

    Aleks - When you are going to resolve the predicament of cheater in this game?

    We're working very closely with Easy Anti Cheat to improve our protection. Please use the in-game reporting system if you come across anyone suspicious!

    Prafull - After the recent update my ping is getting too high. What should I do to fix it?

    Make sure to check the region of the servers you're going into as your search preferences could have changed. If it continues to be a problem, let our support team know


    duilio - It takes too long to get a Cobalt and I've never had one from a case.

    Cobalt Cards are rare items. They're supposed to be hard to get so when you see someone with one, you know they worked hard. Or were RNGesus was incredibly good to them. CadGamings recently did a video on them actually, check it out!

    Daviee - Is there some settings I can turn off to improve performance?

    Turn off Thread Sync in Video > Advanced, that's the main offender. You can also turn off everything in the video settings if you really want maximum performance. You can also disable Blood and Lensflare & Dirt under HUD > Screen Effects

    Daviee - Is crafting always random?

    Yep crafting is always random unless you use weapon kits, and even that that only allows you to choose your primary, which card is still random.

    Daviee - What's the difference between the two tiers of Bronze cards in the shop?

    The two "tiers" are actually "generations", Gen 1 cards came out with the game and Gen 2 were added later. Some are the same, and some cards had their perks changed. You can just look through all of them and decide which you like best.


    Digreth - Are we going to get more guns in the future?

    Yes. We have plans within plans, but nothing shareable just yet

    Alphautlin123 - Could SD focus on features like CMM instead of arting up the maps so much?

    The features you're talking about are done by completely different people. Artists do arty things and programmers program all the things. So have no fear, making maps look good does not delay features like CMM.

    Fr0stPh03niX - Could we have another crafting event soon?

    We don't have plans for another crafting event at the moment, but it's noted that you'd like to have one

    greendevil32 - Please combat Match Dodging i.e. players leaving in the pre-game lobby - (they posted ideas such as increased penalties and hiding player names)

    Well good news. We're making a whole load of tweaks to Ranked for Season 3, some of which run closely to your suggestions. So definitely keep an eye out for future announcements
    Dirty Bomb Forums

    chimaira92 - Please fix these map bugs (Market, Gallery and Overground)

    Thanks for reporting these. If you come across bugs, please make sure to post them in the bug megathreads so we have them all together and can track them easily

    Demonic_Muff1n - Could we do a 'Clash of Factions' event where players pick CDA or Jackal and when they win, points get awarded

    It's a cool idea! The only issue I see is that Jackals are always attacking and CDA are always defending, so players would always be wanting to do one roll or the other and only in Objective game mode as in Stopwatch and Execution you swap sides halfway through. We do have plans for events where you can choose certain things to then make other things happen


    Rageract - Why do I get matched up with players level 40+ when I'm level 14

    Quick Join isn't a matchmaking system. Instead it is designed to get you into a server as quickly as possible. The server then balances players before the match begins to make it as balanced as possible.

    Rageract - Why is Ranked 5v5?

    5v5 is the team size of the core, competitive game mode

    The Grand Wizard - Will card trading ever be a thing

    We want to add trading to the game

    Skippy - What are your next plans for DB?


    Zephyre - How did Dirty Bomb get it's name?

    Someone had an idea and everyone else liked it. But also it is the cause for all of the events in the game. A dirty bomb was set off in London which caused it to be evacuated and the CDA came in to try and deal with the radiation. However, other things are a-foot and now Jackal are trying to steal and extract a selection of items


    Its Cubed - Will this game ever come to console?

    We're just focusing on making Dirty Bomb the best it can be on PC

    APSYE - OK, Dockyard is a great map, but why the **** cant we play it?

    It's finishing it's final round of testing and bugfixes and will go live for you to enjoy in May

    Itamar - I cant believe there are 15,000 active DB players

    Actually, another player called Leak 1337 answered this one for us with some fairly accurate figures, such as over 140,000 players in the last 2 weeks alone.

    Deepjyoti - Dockyard. Oh **** Dome part 2 ****

    With the lore of Dirty Bomb, Dockyard is indeed the second part of Dome


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    Re: FAQ-ing Fridays #2 - 28th April, 2017

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    Re: FAQ-ing Fridays #2 - 28th April, 2017

    "Snipers don't deal that much damage with body shots."
    ps. I know they mean it doesn't do exactly 170

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    Re: FAQ-ing Fridays #2 - 28th April, 2017

    Dockyard will be fantastic; big and open like Dome. I think most of us don't want more enclosed rooms like Underground. Don't get me wrong, I love Underground as well but it is a singular kind of FPS map. Give us some space, and lots of sneaky alternate routes. I personally can't wait!
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