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    How to let DB streaming work again?

    So, i am trying to stream Db but evry time i get or a lagging game or obs is lagging and so the stream is to.
    does anyone know a solution ingame or on obs?

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    Re: How to let DB streaming work again?

    I've streamed many games before and DB was the first one to cause issues. It seems to be very CPU heavy because of how fast paced it is. It is not necessarily the game's fault, you just need a very good pc. I suggest using your GPU instead of CPU when you stream.

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    Re: How to let DB streaming work again?

    Have a look online for tutorials on how to get the best when streaming. Unless you have a beast of a PC you may need to make some compromises such as capping framerates, reducing graphic quality and possibly using a lower resolution, but this is a universal issue when streaming games.


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