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    FAQ-ing Fridays #1 - 21st April, 2017

    Hey all,

    I know what you're thinking....what is FAQ-ing Fridays? Well, we've had a few conversations recently with you lovely community people and we realised that in our dev videos we talk about what we're up to, but we don't take the time to focus on what you're up to...

    So! Every Friday we're going to have FAQ-ing Fridays. Which consists of all of the devvy replies we've written this week to community questions on a variety of social sites including Forums, reddit, YouTube.... everything.

    Our plan is by combining all of that juicy information into one central space, no-one will be out of the loop with anything we say. So let's give it a go! As always, all feedback is welcome, and if you can think of a way to improve this further let us know. We'll also be doing a Facebook live version too to try and spread the word even further.

    Without further ado, here we go:


    Kyouko - Can you up the minimum level in Ranked to help prevent hackers from entering?
    While this could help deter hackers from joining Ranked matches, we'd much rather focus on preventing them from being able to play the game in the first place by improving our anti-cheat system and encouraging players to report suspected hackers in-game.

    Tom - Why is this game still in beta?
    There's still features and content we want to test and add beforee take the Beta tag off


    Ayman - Why did you stop the live streams?
    We made the decision to make a weekly video series instead of live streams and they've been great at reaching a wider audience.

    ItsAGhost - Are user-made maps ever going to be a possibility?
    We'd like to see this at some point, but for now we're focusing on building up the map pool and in-game content ourselves

    Ken - Can you add bots to private matches?
    We don't have any bots at the moment, but it would be a nice feature to have. Keep your ideas coming


    QC_R3QUI3M - Why does the katana and the kukri have a hard time destroying Health and Ammo Stations?
    We're aware there's a few issues with the hit boxes of some melee weapons, but when it comes to bug fixing we generally have other issues of a higher priority that need to be fixed first, such as the Ranked matchmaking algorithm.

    Scarfi0ne - How do you use Weapon Kits?
    You can use Weapon Kits with our Crafting system to craft a card using Fragments and Credits with the primary weapon of your choice. They're hard to come by and you can only find them in Arsenal Crates which drop when you level up

    36crazy - Could we have longer queue times so Ranked matches are more balanced?
    We want to find a balance between both. We recently updated our matchmaking algorithm by removing bugs and improving features. The more players in Ranked, the better balanced it'll be. We're also looking at more improvements that we can make for the next Ranked Season and we'll let you know once they're locked down

    zanitz - Is Dirty Bomb ever getting an official discord server?
    We already have one! If you'd like to join the conversation and find some new people to play with, it's the place to go.

    yard1e - Could a vote option be added to Ranked to call for the match to be drawn due to a number of reasons
    Similarly to our previous response, we'd rather fix the cause of these issues rather than add in a feature which may fix a symptom of the problem some of the time

    Dirty Bomb Forums

    3hawn - Can we have a training map where we can practice our aim against moving opponents
    A training map with AI is possible, but we have a ton of other things which we need to work on and complete before we think about starting on another feature. If you're looking to generally improve at movement and aiming the Assault Course is always a good choice to check out. Granted you can only use Skyhammer in it, but it sounds like it's just generally gameplay you want to improve on.

    Elkus2000 - Will there a case-a-day-May
    Even-though it was a fun event, sadly it was just for last year. Ranked Season 2 is still going though so earn those Ranked Points, get those cases and get warmed up for Season 3

    pleta9 - When I logged in I saw a pop-up which said I would get 500 Ranked Points for free, but I didn't receive any.
    There was a bug which caused the pop-up to still show after the event ended. This has since been fixed and we apologise for the confusion.

    MarsRover - I've left lot's of feedback, numerous times yet I still get asked to leave a comment everytime I leave the game. Could you not?
    All feedback we receive we go through and use to target future updates, so when possible please do leave a comment and a score. We do understand that it gets a bit annoying when you've left feedback and have nothing to add, but every comment is important to us. You can still use the 'Exit' command in the main menu if you'd rather close the game instantly without leaving feedback.

    K1X455 - What is going on with the DPC stacking in the game? It's reduces my performance.
    This issue is something which is inherent with UE3. Currently we are working on ways to reduce CPU usage to improve it, however as it's quite intricate and we don't have a release date planned

    Owyn - Punishments for friendly fire. Why are they in and what is their purpose?
    With enough punishes gets you kicked from the match, along with receiving a leaver penalty. There's definitely some areas which could be improved though. ThunderZsolt suggested the idea of kills from objectives not counting towards this vote system which I like.

    Tepid Jesus - There's a lack of reward for progression. Could this be re-worked and improved?
    Yes. We want to completely overhaul the progression system in teh game, hoever, just like it sounds, it's a big job and requires a lot of investment from a lot of different areas. Yet another reason why we're hiring for so many positions.

    Splash Damage Forums

    Wrightosaur - Can you confirm if the problem with Potent Packs is being worked on or doesn't even exist?
    Potent Packs is currently bugged on Aura, but is functional on all other Mercs. The fix priority on this bug has been increased, but we're still a few months away from the work being done due to greater priorities.

    Chronicler - Could we use Weapon Kits on melee weapons
    Generally we find that players main focus is on their preferred Primary weapon followed by Augments. I don't imagine this system changing to incorporate selecting melee weapons in the near future, but when Crafting gets overhauled, possibly.

    Sadly I didn't have enough time to collate Steam Forums, YouTube, Customer Support tickets and a couple of other areas, so they should be in next weeks' one. Again, any feedback is more than welcome.


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    Re: FAQ-ing Fridays #1 - 21st April, 2017

    What a FAQ-ing great idea, why not do it as a 20-30min Twitch stream though?

    EDIT: Just saw you posted a 20min Facebook video, that also works. Guess I've got to figure out how to watch Facebook livestreams as well now, never heard of them before. You should definitely spend a couple of minutes taking questions from chat at the end though. Also, nice jacket.
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