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    Ranked is ****.

    Before anything, an unrelated request, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase fix the "undetected key release" bugs. They're there since day one.
    There are many of them, most related to events that happen while you release a key, and granted, those aren't too annoying, they happen at spawn or after being revived.
    But the melee bug got me killed so many times. I don't know if it's related to having melee stuck to a side mouse button, but it happens all the time, after a melee you're stuck to it, by the time you realize you have to press & release melee again, you're already dead. How can a 2017 game not detect key releases??

    Anyway, back to ranked. There's simply no other word for it, it's ****. Weirdly, in the previous alpha of it, I was getting surprisingly balanced matches. But this latest version of it, it's crap. It's as unbalanced as pub, and ironically, you've succeeded at making pub balanced now, since it's now filled with <lvl7's, all those who can't play ranked. Thus pub is now full-noob, and balanced.

    Rank is very unbalanced, you can guess if your team will win or lose within the first 30 sec. There is no tension, you're either on the good or noob side. Your skills don't matter either, it's just luck of being on either side. Or... is it really luck?
    My guess is that, either directly, or as a result of the balance's algorithm, the game makes its best to equalize your win/losses to 50%. I've noticed that whenever I'm too far from 50% wins, I am in a long row of noob teams, until it's back to 50%.

    Also, how does the rank even work? First, after each match you have a rank shown next to your name. What is it? It's not your current rank (unless it's bugged), nor your highest rank, it's something else, but what? It doesn't seem any related to how well you played, it's just random.
    I've also noticed that my rank was changing not according to how well I played, at all, but simply based on win/losses. But that can't be true, right? It's not this ****ty to be based on win/loses, thus the pure randomness of being on the good side, is it?

    Sure, *sometimes* it happens that you get into a balanced match, at the end, whether you won or lost, you think "wow it was hard" or "that was close". But that's 1 out of 10 matches, and I'm probably generous.
    And I don't understand why the game doesn't simply add up levels. I'm pretty sure some will argue, as usual, that level <> skills, blah blah, but after 500+ hours, the correlation between the amount of high-ranked in a team, and win/losses is VERY obvious.
    And if you think it's not true, well here's a suggestion for you: add bets to the game. Within the first 30 sec of the game, let people bet on who's the winner. Or perhaps based on the scoreboard alone. If the lvl repartition does not matter, then the result of those bets would be random. And it's clear that it won't be, that you can clearly tell who's the winner based on the lvls alone, way above 50%.

    Oh, and there's Rhino. Rhino sucks, but Rhino+Aura is a killer combo. Problem, 8vs8 ensures a flow high enough for a Rhino+Aura to be beaten, but 5 vs 5 is very different. As 5 vs 5, placed strategically, a Rhino+Aura can really block a match. -fortunately it needs 2 buddies, and it doesn't happen too often.
    And why is ranked 5 vs 5, *anyway*? It's not like you were so much more responsible for a win/loss because it's 5 vs 5..

    Finally, the DELAYS. LIFE IS TOO SHORT, CUT THE DELAYS. The amount of time we have to wait is just insane, and there is absolutely NO REASON for that.
    1. we have to wait for minutes to find a match, but ok, that's normal
    2. we have to wait in the lobby, ok ok.. to swap cards, why not
    3. the warmup... W T F?? It has never happened that all 10 pressed F6, it's just unnecessary waiting. Worse, it also applies to the second half, where it's even less justified.
    4. the game's objectives. Seriously. If any of the players in *ranked* needs to be remembered the objs, there's a serious problem.
    Life is too short, we don't need to wait. There's already enough respawn-delays in-game.

    Btw, I'm not saying this unbalance problem is new to DB. I remember the endless slaughter back then in Enemy Territory. But what saved those games for me? FUN SERVERS. That's what I'm missing here. Zero-spawn time, 16 vs16 servers. It's because we don't have these, that we're forced to play "serious matches" and complain about them.
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    Re: Ranked is ****.



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    Re: Ranked is ****.

    We're keeping a very close eye on Ranked and it's balance. We've made a lot of improvements to the system and they'll shine with a larger population of players. You're suggestions on game-flow are good as well. You make a good point that players in Ranked already know what they're doing, however they do serve as nice reminders as to what team you're playing on. As for warm-up times these are very common in the majority of shooters and allow players to initially load in and discuss/organise tactics to.

    Your rank isn't purely decided on wins/losses, but if you don't win your matches, you won't go up in rank.

    As for 'fun servers', we have rentable community servers planned out so everyone can have their own party of Dirty Bomb and configure their servers as they like with certain variables. When will those be? We don't have a release date yet. But we'll keep you in the loop.

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    Re: Ranked is ****.

    Balance is not even close if you win 3 battles and lose 10 battles because filled with inexperience players like RectalTerror said. Only solution is raise the lvl that players are able to join ranked to lvl 15 and then people stop complain in forum and steam about ranked matchmaking.


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