How many times my team have started with one man down ; it's to the point of getting irritating. Now the thing is if people are missing in pre-lobby shouldn't the game take u back to the front end ? but as it happen to me 2-3 times till now ,it doesn't and proceeds as usual. Can someone explain why is that happening? And the 2nd part is the most sad part, why when it says "its safe to leave the game because one or more players fail to connect to the game" , then on leaving /surrendering we still get -ve rank points? why is it like that? its not like the rest had control over that missing person and we opted to fight 4vs5. All these in top of the pool size of lvl 7 onwards, with people just beginning the game leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. I will leave now before anyone says "then don't play the game" but just putting in my thoughts after losing matches after matches because of this and team match-up.