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Thread: gib vs revive

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    gib vs revive


    in the last time this happens often to me... maybe this is new or I have only bad luck.
    situation: enemy and team bodys lay on at the same place ore verry close together waiting for revive
    I jump around the corner with my shockers to revive my teammate.. but instead of reviving him the enemy get gibed.... this is extra bad if I do this under fire and die trying to revive my mate or also if i do this with charget shockers....

    maybe I need to aim more exactly to my mate but I think there should also be some "revive before gib" rule

    this is some bad example as I aim more to the enemy as to my mate but I hope this helps do see what i tried to explain

    DB: hopfully we get ded servers ==>

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    Re: gib vs revive

    Unfortunately what you described is nothing new. Other people have reported/complained about it.

    The way they should make it (when a team mate and an enemy are overlapping):
    - if you use Defibrillators or Revive gun it should affect the team mate first (continue usage would affect the enemy as well)
    - if you (mistakenly) use guns or damaging abilities it should affect the enemy first (continue usage would affect the team mate as well)


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