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    Suggestion: Credit Booster also could boost Ranked

    Hi there,

    to make more ppl play ranked (and give me more ranked points :o), you could maybe use the condition "is under credit boost" to double the ranked points you earn from playing a ranked match.

    That would be great. Yeeeaah. ;-)


    edit: and now i realize that that would be slightly connected to "putting money somewhere ... somethingsomething ranked". Maybe better unread what you've just read ... maybe not. I was just spontaneously babbling out words, yknow? :o)

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    Re: Suggestion: Credit Booster also could boost Ranked

    Yeah, we get it, "Give me those new sweet and shiny skins, quick!". We all feel the same way (...or not, as some loadouts are nothing special)

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    Re: Suggestion: Credit Booster also could boost Ranked

    actually i was coming from

    "heck, i am not a millionaire (like some of our comrades here are) ... but i feel rich enough that this credit booster i just activated is rather wasted. let me think ... whatelse could this thing be useful for ... wait, if i remove the credit it might even boost other things ... i think i have an idea for something else boostable"

    but yeah ... getting shinies more quick is definitely something i do not oppose ;-)


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