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    missing merc role: damage mitigation

    There aren't any mercs that can block bullets, or destroy projectiles ala active defense system. (present in cod as well as R6 siege). There is no way to protect a teammate that is delivering an objective other than killing the enemy, or standing in front of them. I had this idea for a new engineer hero. (we have only 3 engi's so a 4th makes some sense) He would have a deployable bubble shield ala halo 3 that blocks incoming bullets and has grenades and stuff bounce off. One cannot shoot from the inside out. The bubble would eventually be destroyed by absorbing too much damage, or run out of time. Phantom's emp would disable the generator at the center, dropping the bubble. Enemies can also walk in and shoot the generator to destroy the bubble. Shotgun primary weapons would suit a merc with such an ability, he could take up space and it would be hard to contest due to his shotgun.

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    Re: missing merc role: damage mitigation

    you mean Turtle with his deploy-able shield ?
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    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: missing merc role: damage mitigation

    or just go play siege if you want bullet sponges, or one of the 3 other heavy mercs in the game.


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