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    How's competitive treating you?

    Must... carry... harder.

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    Re: How's competitive treating you?

    Well i just played a match with a team of 3 silver specialists, a silver recruit and an unranked against 2 gold masters, 2 silver masters, and a gold recruit.
    So in short, not very well,

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    Re: How's competitive treating you?

    I think you mean ranked, not competitive
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: How's competitive treating you?

    Quote Originally Posted by _dbg_Haywire View Post
    Must... carry... harder.
    You noob scrublord!

    Answering your question: playing Ranked in Solo queue has been C R A P, lots of unbalanced matches. Not fun.
    ...also; people not accepting matches and making everyone else wait (several times in a row), leavers and also AFK people trying to farm credits (by using scripts to make the merc move at certain time intervals, not to be kicked out for inactivity).
    *sad face*


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