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Thread: Android game - looking for alpha testers

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    Android game - looking for alpha testers

    Hi guys,

    Over the last 2-3 years, I've been working on a new Android game currently code-named Postero and I'm now (finally) looking for alpha testers. See a few early screenshots attached. I've always been interested in astronomy and, in fact, a lot of the in-game background are my own astrophotography images

    Postero is a multiplayer, turn-based game of skill and strategy set in space. You can engage in battle with a varied fleet of ships, earn credits to upgrade, customise and purchase new ships.

    In Postero, you take turns firing against your opponent under the influence of gravity (inspired by the classic game "Grav War"); curve a torpedo around a planet to hit your enemy, then advance to the move phase to re-position your ship. Graphics are 3D, game-play is 2D.

    The game is currently in an Alpha state and I'd greatly appreciate your help refining, identifying bugs and generally improving the game.

    If you'd like to take part and help me out, please reply here or drop my a PM and I'll send you instructions how to download and install the alpha version of the game.

    Many thanks!





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    Re: Android game - looking for alpha testers

    Interesting game.

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    Re: Android game - looking for alpha testers

    How did I not see this thread yet.

    Looks amazing!

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    Re: Android game - looking for alpha testers

    Hey, I'll send you both a PM with details if you fancy trying it out?

    I currently have hardly and alpha testers using the game, but there are tutorials, missions and offline play with bots that you could try out for me. The tutorial, I know, could do with some work.

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    Re: Android game - looking for alpha testers

    Good news! The game is now Open Alpha. This means, without any faff, you can go straight here to download and try out the game:



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