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    Forums Back in Action

    After some server maintenance and software updates, the forums are back online!
    Everything appears to be functional on our end, but please let us know in here if you run into any issues. Thanks!
    (In completely unrelated news, we're still looking for a web developer
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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    Trying to edit my m to M and g to G and it doesnt work ..just saying
    and I lost my profile Background image i dont think a have a back up ..Id love that pic

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    Re: Forums Back in Action


    Only thing I've noticed so far is that the Zendesk help centres for Tempo and RAD Soldiers are down.

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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    YAY thanks Splashies, Happy New Year
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    only thing i've noticed is the spam posts are already on - disappointed, had thought you were doing something more significant along the lines of a forum upgrade :/

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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    We urgently require psi-tapirs!

    <-- Missing the glorious days of ET:QW

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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    marvellous, even the posts are still there. not that i couldn't live quite well without some of my rages

    have a suxxessful 2017 everyone!

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    Re: Forums Back in Action

    Impressive work.
    (`Д´)ノ {v53!)


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