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    Re: So...unannounced project?

    I see. Thanks for the reply. I guess i will keep my fingers crossed for a brink-like game to be announced (for consoles).

    Hope all of you awesome people at SD are doing well. I will come back again in a few months and check to see if anything new is announced

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    Re: So...unannounced project?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffy_gIMp View Post
    I'm pretty sure that was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, there is of course more in the pipeline
    That's pretty sad. I came here on the off chance of finding out what this unannounced project was. To be told it was this is really disappointing.
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    Re: So...unannounced project?

    that was the last unannounced project, they have a new one now
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    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it

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    Re: So...unannounced project?

    Just thinking out loud, didn't SD do the multiplayer maps for DOOM 3? I mean, there is a DOOM 4 around the corner.... and who knows...
    Nah, it's that Gaben game, Tarp-Life 3 or what is called, surely.
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    Re: So...unannounced project?

    Doom is a Bethesda game, don't think that will happen again
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it


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