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Thread: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Quote Originally Posted by melc_av View Post
    Chris, my peal,
    You don't like Rtcw because isn't realistic? Because from zombies?
    For you is more realistic New Order with it alternative history and missions on the moon? And Old Blood with new zombies in chapter 6,7 and 8?
    For more realistic game you can play Call of duty or even FIFA 2015.
    I wasn't being serious, I was illustrating how silly the argument that New Order and Old Blood have too much Sci-Fi in them so aren't worth playing and must suck back onto RTCW with it's heavy occult focus.

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    I see Chris.

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    TotalBisquit talks about the game
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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Finished this last weekend. Very nice expansion pack. They didn't go overboard with the occult stuff, though the zombie Nazis were lots of fun.
    Overall, 15 for ~8 hours extra felt like a pretty good deal.

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Finished it. ~8 hours + 1h Challenges. "8.75/10". Felt short and really needed the rest part of Rtcw game, even if it is 19$...

    Clearly inspired by Rtcw. The whole architectural and interior design is amazing, though the engine is clearly outdated.
    The pace is clearly different from The New Order, this time lacks of cinematics and It's more action-oriented (Rtcw Style).
    They went to an Rtcw approach with the occult stuff, but in a different story interpretation (Not ancient zombies, but nazi zombies and some otto king stuff explained later).

    My only grip is the final boss, and I'm not going to explain why to don't spoil anyone, but it's clearly Rtcw-God of War-ish. It's clearly harder than Rtcw, but the difficult is not by the boss itself.

    Thanks Machinegames to humiliate 2009's wolfenstein, It sucked balls and this proves that anyone can make a proper Wolfenstein game (expansion) with flying mosquitoes and green weed around the screen.

    Let's see how Doom turns out, because Id software sucked ass with RAGE.
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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Sounds promising FFSturm, I got my copy now and plan to play it over the weekend, looking forward to it. I hope all this spawns a fully fledged sequel, on a new engine and perhaps even a return to MP?

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    I'm impressed. I will play in holidays

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Wow i wanna buy this game. I've never seen this game before. Thanx for this topic

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    Re: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    I believe the last 2 posters are spam lurkers
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaSparkle View Post
    and every time Nail comes in and ruins it


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