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Thread: Seriously need help!

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    Seriously need help!

    Hi guys... I only play RAD on PC, I just finished all the challenge but the rest require me to pay real money. So is that it? Are there any way to unlock the challenge without spending money on this game? I was like 2000 away from Archie but I can't earn any gold any more
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    Re: Seriously need help!

    well Hi KroneSnow

    RAD soldiers was designed for iOS and is now mainly playable on iOS due to some problems with chrome etc.

    due to the update there is no longer Multiplayer on the PC/Chrome version

    it seems that the only way to unlock all other challenges is buying them with money
    I Don't see another way

    I would recommand you buying a new iPhone, iPad or iPod to play the game and enjoy Rad Soldiers @Multiplayer
    Multiplayer is and will always be the main part to RAD soldiers in my opinion.

    hope it helps
    hope we'll see you in-game in no time

    with friendly regards
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