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Thread: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

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    Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Here the final Version of Teuthonia.

    What's new Here:
    - we have a Second Bank entrance
    - more obstacles to Hide at both axis Spawns
    - a New Tunnel System
    - a balcony near axis spawn to allow sniping (but just a bit)
    - fixed Texture and Script errors
    - Lots of new Models

    I do Not plan to Come up with another Version as I wanna close this Chapter to move on with some New Map Projects. Nevertheless, I appreciate Feedback, positive or negative doesn't matter.

    Noteworthy, Special Thanks to:
    - Thunder (TWT) for the Great Models
    - Mateos a (TWT) and TomTom for help with script Problems
    - Micha (TWT) for the waypoints
    - the Crew of Dark Alchemy and WF-Gaming for Testing the Beta Version.

    Just a side-Note: to Keep ET Alive, the Community requires new mapper. TheWolfTeam (TWT) is in Process of coming up with an initiative to attract interested Newcomers to the art of Mapping. As many Sites for mappers are dead we will Try to Revive the Mapping Community by providing Tons of Tutorials, awesome Models and ready to use prefabs and Most importantly personal help with everything related to making Maps (Script, brushwork, everything). Long Story Short, Those People interested should Sign up at TWT and Start making awesome New Maps on your Own. The Community needs you
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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Nice, will start on the waypoint editing tomorrow.

    *OFFTOPIC* Seriously?! The User "Gramp" gave me a negative reputation for this comment.
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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Quote Originally Posted by Micha View Post
    Nice, will start on the waypoint editing tomorrow.

    *OFFTOPIC* Seriously?! The User "Gramp" gave me a negative reputation for this comment.
    Ohh crap sorry I thought I was giving a positive, I done the same to Teuthis then, I clicked the star it said give reputation and didn't pay attention to what was checked. Glad you said something or I would never of know what an A** I was.
    Msg me and tell me how doI take it back? I am real sorry because I was quite happy you were working on waypoints.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    LOL, and I thought finally someone who Really got pissed off by my Map. No worries from my side

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Guys, please Check this. Does anyone has similar Findlings with the New Map?

    McBeth, on 01 Sept 2014 - 11:13 PM, said:
    @Teuthis yes I tested it with the local host and found the mines still in black and yellow , will try to contact my old ET friend Berzeck to see if he has an idea

    error messages
    warning couldn t find image for shader
    warning: couldn't find image for shader Move!
    warning: couldn't find image for shader models\mapobjects\electroniques|controlpanel_blown .tga
    These error messages are funny,

    - There is no Texture called 'move' and thus also no related Shader.
    - the Sound axis/33a.wav is Not Used at all in the Map. It is a Chat Sound which plays Once the Player Communicates with Each Other, like 'I need a medic'. This Sound is totally unrelated to the Map. Also this Sound is located in your pak0 file so everyone should have it. Look for it on you PC and you will find it. Just unzip the pak0 and Check the Sound Folder.
    - also the Model for a blown Control Panel is Not Used at all in the Map. I Really don't understand this but interestingly i do Not get any error messages on Other Server.

    Main question now, do you get the Same messages under another Mod?
    Is the Mine flag Problem also there in Other Mods?

    Guys, I think you have a Bug in the System.

    Please understand that I will Not Come up with another Version of teuthonia. We Need to close this Chapter to move on with the next.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    I think it's more some custom content server-side having troubles than the map itself making issues...

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    yes but with the first release we don't had these mines issues so I don't understand why now and our server s settings and some custom content server-side are the sames since we tested the first map
    the mines issues started with the beta 1

    I will add the map on our silent server when we will have the way points and we will go to test here

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Something changes server-side, like some updates aside the map? Is the first map versions still fine with landmines markers?

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    nothing changed server side and yes the first release been fine for the mines

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    This thread is getting more and more interresting, how can a map inflict with a mod thing?
    I'm an engineer, lets just asume I'm right...

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    That's excatly what I'm trying to say, it is clearly a Mod related issue. Also the error Saying that some axis Chats don't work all Point to that the Mod just has a Bug. Good Thing is that if the Mod Would have been made my Microsoft, the Server Would Crash without Reason basically every Day without any error messages

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    I just can say that the mod can influence it. I can't use sp_delivery_te and karsiah_te2 for my infected mod. The client will freeze if you do so. I have no clue why and what is causing this.
    Maybe Noquarter has the same with teuthonia_final now.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    where are the old ET days when we started only with ET main and after shrubbet lol

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Nice map! Played on one of the servers. Had few FPS drops here and there but overall nice map.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    will add all the new et maps for our silent servers so we will test them here,

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Kudos to Micha. Awesome Job.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Kudos to Micha. Awesome Job.

    Mea Culpa, this Reputation Thing is cheating on me ....

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Micha again.

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    Re: Map Release: Teuthonia_final

    Thread: Map Release: Teuthonia_final
    Thanks mate!
    we need to write a tutorial of how to give good/bad reputations I now received several negative reputations for the map
    I am ignorant enough to believe that this was done by accident though


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