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    Re: Programmers of the World. We Want You!

    Heh, I can do a little bit of everything (programming included), but nothing well enough to justify soliciting. Well, sticking my nose in everything, but that's why I'm on these forums to begin with.

    Though, a suggestion if I may, focus on optimizing the performance of the titles you release. I hope DX12 may provide some relief.

    I can't help but to think that games like Brink, which were amazing and well thought-out, eventually flopped mainly due to the inability to compete in a game that performs so poorly on most midrange systems. Dirty Bomb I feel is suffering from the same problem. It's such a shame that games are 99.9% complete, but are held back by that 0.1% of optimization issues.

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    Re: Programmers of the World. We Want You!

    Dirty Bomb is a LOT better than Brink, believe me. I'm running DB on the same graphics card I was using for Brink and Brink was not playable, DB runs fine.
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    Re: Programmers of the World. We Want You!

    Do you only have offices in London?

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    Re: Programmers of the World. We Want You!

    Quote Originally Posted by LegendaryOtter View Post
    Wow... The Graphics Programmer position just blew my brain all over the table and I realised there is nothing there, 4 years of self-teaching and I don't qualify for a line of the requirements, see you Splash in 50 years if I even live that long...

    *keeps calm and continues the process of learning to code*
    yet I have just made it into year 11 will the jobs still be up in the next five years or so?

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