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    Hack !?

    This is the 2nd, I played with ParkJJ and I encountered this situation

    The first time is here:

    The second time- you can see in turn 4 (last turn):

    Feedback from other players (SuperNge):

    Video player uploaded on youtube - read describe:
    describe on youtube
    My team is red.
    Opponent's name: ParkJJ
    Blue Juan DaCova moved and used three electrobolter shots plus molotov cocktail (total 24 action points instead of 18).
    Another turn of this comrade, after I wiped his Commander.
    He quit the game after all and it somehow qualified him as a winner wtf o_O
    Same guy, same problem. Do you believe that it is just coincidence?
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    Re: Hack !?

    Thanks Red.Panda, this is something that we're looking into at the moment.
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