Hey there,

A few days ago I tried to launch Brink after a loooong break. It crashed right after launch, even before the splash screen. I figured out it came from some sort of incompatibility with my Asus Xonar which I have for only a year. If I disable it or uninstall the driver I can play the game but, obviously, without any sound which is not that convenient.

I have found a workaround using Virtual Audio Cable (VAC). I am not very familiar with this software, I have been using it for a few days to send a sound directly through my microphone. I am not sure why it works, I just know it does work for me.

Once VAC is installed it will create one virtual line called Line 1. You can see it in the recording and playback devices list by right clicking on the speaker in the taskbar. Brink will use the default playback device to play any sound (yeah, that's very surprising). First you have to set Line 1 as the default playback device. Right click on the speaker in the taskbar, select Playback devices, right click on Line 1 and choose Set as Default Device. Now go to Start Menu -> Programs -> Virtual Audio Cable and open Audio Repeater (MME). This little software listen to the device in Wave In and send it into the device Wave out. Select Line 1 as Wave In and whatever device you are using as Wave out. For me it is Speakers (Asus Xonar D2X Audio Device). Click Start and you are done.

Now Brink will send any sound into Line 1 without crashing and the audio repeater will repeat it into your speakers/headphones. I did not notice any lag. Hope it will help