If you are seeking an environment that embraces a brotherhood mentality, look no further! We believe that the most important aspect of a community is to create memorable experiences and help our members establish lifelong friendships with other members. We look for team-oriented players with a positive attitude over the lone wolf mentality.

We believe that the time you put into the clan is returned to you. You are not a number, a member forgotten on someone's friend list. You are an important part of a stable and growing community of like-minded players who share common interests.

Once we reach 5-10 members we will start having monlthy event giveaway! so hurry and join Today!


Our mission is to transform an ordinary gaming environment into an extraordinary, enlightened community that operates with integrity, helping our members create memorable experiences and lifelong friendships.


SyNergy Gaming stands committed to the continuous growth and development of an integrated community of gamers who share a similar passion for gaming and values. We believe that our success depends upon the integrity and dedication of our members. Together, we strive to build an environment where our members can create memorable experiences, establish lifelong friendships, and grow as individuals. Where the values of loyalty, respect, and diversity are commonly shared throughout our community.

No matter what race, creed, and/or nationality, we welcome gamers from all walks of life and advocate for all members to be themselves. To create a diverse, moral-oriented community that shares a positive attitude.

We are devoted to the continuous innovation of our community, expanding our horizons as we grow to create the extraordinary. Innovation is seen as a practice that is continuously enhanced, developed, and encouraged. To fit the growing needs of our members, we are always looking for opportunities to improve the way we run our community.

Top of the line website for communicating with members when not playing
Mature and friendly gaming environment
Opportunity to learn and grow as a gamer and as an individual
Ability to grow as a leader by obtaining staff and/or managerial leadership positions
Monthly events with prizes, which include, but are not limited to: Tournaments, Recruit Nights, Community Nights, Clan Meetings, Clan Operations, etc...
Monthly Prize giveaways
Established ranking system
Fully functional forum system
Fully functional 492 slot TeamSpeak 3
Multiple Game Servers

If your Interested Fill out a Clan application on our Website at www.synergygamingclan.com