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Thread: NA:Xbox360: Heros of the Ark Clan Recruitment

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    NA:Xbox360: Heros of the Ark Clan Recruitment

    Player Name: Stormcastle
    gamertag: cdmassey987
    contact email:

    Clan: Heroes of the Ark

    Recruitment Date & Time: 3/9/12 8pm EST to 10pm EST

    If interested please contact me by email with gamertag, age, what type of gamer you are (recreational competitive or hardcore competitive), preferred character class (soldier, engineer, medic, operative), preferred character bodytype (heavy, medium, light), and preferred weapons

    I am looking for gamers who are interested in having a good time. I like being competitive, but I don't mind losing. I want to have a good time, but I plan to have a clan in good standing as well. All clan communications will be done by email as I do not have an Xbox360 headset.

    My info:
    I am 27, married and have 1 kid. I play when I can and honestly want to be active in this game's community, hence the creation of my clan. I play either Resistance or Security on any stage and don't really have a preference. I plan on bringing the clan to the top of one of the event ladders and would like to bring the clan into the limelight of the Brink Universe. I prefer to play as an engineer with the light body type, and prefer the Galatic SMG or Carb 9SMG as my primary weapon and the tokmak pistol as my secondary. The current character I play is level 18.

    I also play as an operative occasionally, finding the abilities useful and they seem to have more objectives than the medic and soldier classes. I move fast and concentrate on objectives to win the match, my kill count and experience doesn't matter so long as my team wins. Check out my stats on Search for: Stormcastle

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    Re: NA:Xbox360: Heros of the Ark Clan Recruitment

    Just out of curiosity, did you even think about joining a clan, Instead of making the 100th 1-person clan? Im not saying my clan, but Brink Clans would have a lot more fun if people were to get together (and actually be able to have challenges). Right now im currently helping another clan get people just so we have someone to challenge in the future. is the clan im helping out/ I recommend joining them, but i do understand that everyone wants to experience owning their own successful clan....

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    Re: NA:Xbox360: Heros of the Ark Clan Recruitment

    Sounds good to me. Disbanded my clan and am willing to join. Is there a try out soon, like maybe tomorrow night? or someone I can get in touch with regarding a try out? email me or reply here.


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