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Thread: Weapon Pair - Will It Be Succesful?

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    Weapon Pair - Will It Be Succesful?

    Apart from all attatchments possible, do you think an Euston as a Primary and either a Tampa or a Carb as a Secondary would be succesful? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Re: Weapon Pair - Will It Be Succesful?

    In that case, both your primary and secondary would be close-range weapons, so it doesn't give you a lot of flexibility. But you can make almost any combo work in Brink. With Euston/Tampa...the Tampa has a fast equip speed, so you can switch to it for CQC, and dominate both short and mid range combat. With the Euston/Carb, the Carb would be serving as a backup once you are out of ammo, or need to reload with the Euston.
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    Re: Weapon Pair - Will It Be Succesful?

    A pair of CQC weapons, one of which can't be held by the ideal CQC weight class (Lights can control combat range better), pretty limiting.

    With the right playstyle, it would be totally viable. Depends what attachments you load the weapons with though. The Tampa's insane reload speed is great for the ability to lay down a near-constant storm of bullets in close, and for that, it makes a great weapon for a Heavy if you want to fill an area denial role. You could use the Euston as a lead-in weapon as the enemy closes, or as you close on the enemy, but you really have to rely on enclosed spaces and force them to come to you as a Heavy. If you're running a Medium body, you'll have to rely on movement speed, which means you have to be good enough to keep up with Ninja lightweights - or corner them - with a CQC loadout like that one.

    I wouldn't personally use that combo, but I prefer to run Light, so I don't use ARs very often, and when I run my Medium build, I have more of a mid-range preference and the Euston falls behind at that distance. I use the Tampa as a CQC weapon in case the enemy pushes through my preferred range though, so I can attest to the value of that for obliterating people in close quarters.

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    Re: Weapon Pair - Will It Be Succesful?

    hi i ussaly use the Vector and the Euston is this any good?


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