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    What if you have a brink challenge and only one clan shows up...? Do they just wait, and get a win? Or do they just wait and then if no one shows up, leave?

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    Well, you need a certain number of people to get the win. I think its 4 people, but it may be different based on whether it is a ladder match (5v5 rules) or an event match (currently 2v2 rules).

    So, if you only show up with 2 least in a 5v5, I don't think you get the win because it will not start. If you show up with 4 players, then I think you do get the win, but you need to play through the match.

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    It was the 2vs2 match, and my partner and I showed up but only one member from the opposite clan showed up, so we couldnt start the does it just not count?

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    Yea, it doesn't count. No one gets a win or loss. I think the minimum is 4 players for all games, so in a 2v2 you would need everyone there. In a 5v5, you could show up with 4 players and get the win.

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    Ok, Thanks!


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