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Thread: Broken ladder ?

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    Broken ladder ?

    It's been a while since I saw that my clan ([ CPC] Les Brinkignoles) didn't have a ranking anymore. In fact, it doesn't appear in the clans list. Moreover, a lot of clans have disappeared from the ladder: it lists only 40 (most of them having never played a match).

    Is it a known problem? Is the ladder officially broken/dead?

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    Re: Broken ladder ?

    If you have a clan and it hasnt played anyone in a while, or hasnt played anyone at all it goes into hibernation.. you should be on the ladder if you win a challenge. I noticed basically no clans on the Global Ladder have more then 1 or 2 i just go to the events, like right now 2vs2 winter event.

    Thats what i read on their website....

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    Re: Broken ladder ?

    Ok. We kind of stopped playing ladder matches because of lack of organization and disappearing challenges...

    But are you sure your explanation is right? Logically, the clans that never played any match have been inactive for longer than mine. And there are lots of them in the ladder...
    (Well, maybe they were created more recently?)

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    Re: Broken ladder ?

    Idk, the Global Ladder is messed up. But i read something anbout hibernation and thats why some people dont have ranks. Like mine is getting there thats why i have a challenge this Friday (im rank 102)......

    But i bet you the top 25 (atleast) are all new this week.

    What do you play...ps3, pc, xbox?

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    Re: Broken ladder ?

    Quote Originally Posted by nincow View Post
    But i bet you the top 25 (atleast) are all new this week.
    Ok, that's quite possible.

    What do you play...ps3, pc, xbox?


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