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Thread: Need Members (Xbox 360)

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    Lightbulb Need Members (Xbox 360)

    NinjaCowboys [BNC] is a new clan. Theres no try outs or any serious crap. BNC is more of a layed back relaxed clan. Looking for some members to join, first three to join i will give officer rank.

    Will take new people or exspierenced people. ;]

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    Re: Need Members (Xbox 360)

    Only officer rank? I want prestige 2 at least.
    Waiting for the unannounced project from SD...

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    Re: Need Members (Xbox 360)

    Theres only 4 ranks..... recruit, members, officer, leader... x]

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    Re: Need Members (Xbox 360)

    We have play together today... Good luck to your your team !


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