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Thread: (PC) Death Penalty - Calling all soldiers!

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    (PC) Death Penalty - Calling all soldiers!



    [dp] is currently looking for a strong few who carry the following:

    •Have a strong understanding of the machanics in Brink,

    •Have prior experience with **TEAM-PLAY** oriented games,

    •Devised plans and actions in each map for Brink,

    •Understand the machanics of all weapons in Brink,

    •Carry a passion for Objective team-work,

    •And understand the roles while matches are underway.

    [dp] requires that you:

    •Are at least 18+,

    •ACT like you're 18+,

    •Carry a good attitude (being expressive does not negate this),

    •Have at least 1 level 20 character,

    •Have a mic, and Mumble (Software speaking program.),

    •And acknowledge and understand the definition of FUN!

    [dp] is a U.S. evening - night owl clan, meaning we play anywhere from 2 p.m. EST into 2 a.m. EST and back to 2 p.m. EST. To keep it simple. We play most nights, all the way through until whenever. This makes it it possible to have European players within the clan, if they were to settle with a US server (which most good players known are ok with.) -- But clan matches will be well organized at a time that is alright with everyone.

    The Goodies, the Baddies, and the Expectations of [dp]

    Death Penalty started with a small mod called Fortress Forever. It was made up of a small group of player's who had risen from the average public server players, into proving that they had the skill of the few, yet rediculous elistist among them. At this time the clan was rather a mess, though. Apart of their first league, [dp] spent more time organizing the roster, then actually focusing on what was important -- the next match. Though in the defense of those difficulties, it can be said that the league was rather unorganized and not well maintained as well. So the founder of this small clan left. There was no hope as the league had died out. He simply disapeared.. A few years later, Brink had released. The founder had stepped foot into his first MP match, and instantly became hooked. All he needed was a will to improve his game. He was searching for that *click*, that potential to start fresh. And then it happened. The new story begins. If you have what it takes to be the next generation of Brink rediculousness, then the founder welcomes you with a solid fist.

    - On a more realistic note -

    Once Death Penalty obtains a legitimate amount of members, a private (dedicated) server will be opened in favor of all members, thus making a decision together on server location will be fair, and just for all. Also the Following:

    •A Mumble Server - Basically a low resource speaking program (like Ventrillo), but with great audio quality in mind

    •A Forum - to spread information and strategies to all following members, or any thing else clan/non-clan related.

    •An active Steam Profile - There reminders and announcements will be placed regarding offical clan business. (The forums will also have information but if you wish to avoid the hassle of finding that information, the Steam profile is where the announcements will be placed first.)

    - On a last note -

    If you have played any of the NGG public servers, then you will probably recognize my name. You know I can be expressive, and perhaps you've seen my will to push my team into the right direction. But in-the-end, it's all in good fun ! At this moment, I have 2 other members (one unofficial at the moment), one being a good friend who was with me when the first generation of [dp] had began. Outside the game you will find me extremely friendly and honest to the core. And as this clan mature's you'll find yourself acknowledging those traits. [dp] consider themselves friends to the [NGG] and support all they've done to keep this game going, so if you have a tie with that clan, you should probably avoid this one.

    [dp] wants you to contact them!

    There are a few ways of contacting me and the choice is yours for the taking:

    1.Reply to this Thread, stating you're interested,

    2.Send me a private message in these forums,

    3.Add me to Steam Friends! (,

    4.Or Find me in-game! (Usually in the NGG Servers!)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and show interest. I hope to be hearing from you soon.

    We are A.T.E.Y.A., We are [dp].

    [dp] Founder
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    Re: (PC) Death Penalty - Calling all soldiers!

    yo not 18 but everything else u want i hav giv me lmg or chaingun and i got. u was a administer to a battlefield3 clan but it got hectic so i dropped. i hav had probs with other clans sayin i was loud becuz of my mic but big time heavy engineer so wen i get online and if this ia a xbox clan then ill join


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