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Thread: N.w.O: New World Order

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    Exclamation N.w.O: New World Order

    If your looking for a serious clan that has fun, background in competitions, tournaments, and strong teamwork, then tryout N.w.O. In order to join you must meet these qualifications during tryouts:

    1.) Must be team oriented, goal oriented & RESPECT for teammates/ other clans.

    2.) Must excel at all classes and or be proficient in 2 certain classes.

    3.) Background in tournaments, competitions and or challenge events.

    4.) Availability on both weekdays after 5 p.m. EST and or weekends.

    5.) Must have a Mic, be proficient in typing fast messages during combat & MUST be above the age of 16; unless shown qualifications.

    If interested clan members/ recruit's names will be updated on this topic every week or on the Brink Clan site. Tryouts will be held Friday, Saturday & Sunday between 5p.m. to 10 p.m. If unable to make it to tryouts NO WORRIES, message WhiteV or Red_Moses on PSN to set up tryouts appropriate to your schedule. Adios!

    Clan Members:

    Leader: WhiteV
    Officer: Red_Moses
    Officer: Oz70nyc
    Officer: Monogenes1
    Member: DarkChaos-
    Member: xGTSHOTTAx
    Member: SSBiznitch
    Member: CrowHogan1021
    Member: Nitro-Gamer33
    Member: WillofSteel1982
    Recruit: Zigie
    Recruit: AnimeChris3
    Recruit: GamerDUD3
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    Re: N.w.O: New World Order

    Currently need to fill 4 more slots so we can start matchmaking/tournaments, if interested in clan contact either of the members displayed up above.^
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    Re: N.w.O: New World Order

    We have signed up for 3 challenges right now and are recruiting for more clan members, if you fall under the requirements above your more then welcome to join
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    Re: N.w.O: New World Order

    Just an update on what's going on with the clan:

    1.) Clan site is finally up and running thanks to DarkChaos-, so if your a member of the clan or looking forward to trying out for the clan you're more than welcome to apply.
    2.) Clan currently has 13 members and is growing.
    3.) We will try to have at least 1-2 Ladder matches every week and 1-2 Tournament matches a week as soon as the 'Spring Event Challenge' pops up.
    4.) Clan meeting tonight @ 8:00 p.m. EST for discussion/ practice before match with 'Goon Mob'.
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    Re: N.w.O: New World Order

    Just giving a quick update: NwO:New World Order has changed it's clan name to 'aWo:Ascending World Order'. And if you are interested in joining drop by on our facebook page or send friend requests. to our members.

    Clan Officers:

    •THISfuggnGUY (formerly) Mic-lesswonder
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