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Thread: Punkbuster

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    Re: Punkbuster

    Maybe he didn't spell the folder names correctly

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    Re: Punkbuster

    Quote Originally Posted by BioSnark View Post
    I uploaded Punkbuster's etqw folder in appdata for someone else and it worked for him. You can try it if you like.
    Dead on Fix, you rock, thank you , thank you, thank you.......

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    Re: Punkbuster

    The above file has been hosted as well on the following link also with the 1.5v Quake Wars Update & file.

    When i came to reinstall ET:QW found it almost impossible to get the update at a reasonable download speed.

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    Re: Punkbuster

    @2stroker: np

    Here's another pb link put up by dukenukem if the other links here are all unavailable in certain regions.

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    Re: Punkbuster

    I still can't play, Punkbuster complain about pbcl... Anyone help me?


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