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Thread: [360] Clan Ladder - Looking For Players

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    Lightbulb [360] Clan Ladder - Looking For Players

    Hello, my teamate and I are looking for 1 last competitive player.

    I usually play Soldier / Engi
    I've to participate in 2 tournaments :

    - 1st on CSL Brink Opening Cup (8 EU teams)
    - 1st on Brink-France X360 Cup (8 FR teams)

    My stats page :
    Actually 9,700,000 XPs - 5K average XP/Game - 48,000 Frags - 390 Hours of gametime.
    Slayer / Objective
    French 18 years old.
    Pho7oN's stats page :
    Slayer / Support
    American 30 years old.
    LeMoNz's stats page :
    Support / Objective
    American 18 years old.

    If many teams are play for cups and the ladder, and when we'll win some match, I can try to find sponsors to get littles prizes (Microsofts points or memberships).

    Sorry for my poor english, I 'm not very queen but I understand and communicate well in game.

    Contact XBL : Ema7ic

    If you're interrested to play with us, or against us, let's say it on this thread on on Live.

    Have a nice day !

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    Re: [360] Clan Ladder - Looking For Players

    here to join 13 american support/objective engineer

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    Re: [360] Clan Ladder - Looking For Players

    Hey Maxwell, we stop recruiting, sorry
    See you on Brink !


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