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Thread: Boktor's Project

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    Re: Boktor's Project

    We played Techbuster in Nirvana today and I think we had some decent games

    Howevers some strange issues came up that do not show up in the ICE Nexus Labs test server
    - Rainbow fog (but normal ambient lighting... looks kinda cool though)
    - Framerate issues (some ppl mentioned it but I need to know where)
    - People with connecting problems

    As for the gameplay most people seem to agree that the Strogg attack is still too disadvantaged by the layout. For example, GDF spawn is too close to main area.

    Please comment or post any suggestions you have and thanks to those that played today! Most people I've ever seen in Techbuster at once, 12v11!

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    Re: Boktor's Project

    TechBuster is avaliable to download?

    Thanks! Donnovan Youtube Channel. Map Glory of the Weak on Google Code. Donnovan Twitter

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    Re: Boktor's Project

    Does anyone have the Techbuster pk4, I'd like to play it and see it!

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    Re: Boktor's Project

    Status poke! Whats up....?

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    Re: Boktor's Project

    Hey Boktor, I finally found the picture I took of Techbuster a while back. Thanks for helping us obtain the pk4 and well done, it's fun to play! You should join us some time!

    Techbuster Picture
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