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Thread: Player looking for a competitive PC team

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    Player looking for a competitive PC team

    Hello and welcome to my Brink thread,

    Where do I live?

    I currently live in Leicester, Uk

    What version?

    PC European.






    I am new to the Brink scene but I have played competitive gaming since Call of Duty 2 back in 2006 which
    then I later moved onto Call of Duty 4 and played alot more competitively with teams. As Brink is a team
    game I reckon I should fit straight in since I'm a hard team worker and can learn the game fast. I've already been on public and fount some keen spots to play and which class to play now and then.

    In Call of Duty 2 I've played in top 10 Clanbase and also attended the Clanbase Cod2 Summer cup in 2010
    were the team I was currently playing under (Sublime) achieved Bronze. In Call of Duty 4 I've achieved Bronzeand Silver in night cups whilst also numerous of times reaching the Semi and Quatre Finals. Was also
    ranked number 1 in ESL Uk ladder for Call of duty 4 (unbeaten) but at this current time I haven't attended any

    My age now is 21 and I've had 5 years experience in competitive gaming, I tend to be the guy who keeps theteam calm and always look for the way to help out my team mates to win the match. In gaming I see myselfas a serious keen player and I prefer to play games which rely on team play rather than individual skilland Brink is my ideal game.

    As I've currently just ended a Six month work contract I have alot of time on my hand now as I'm currently
    Self-Employed so being active for me is not a problem and also I want a mature, serious, keen and 16+ teamwho share the same passions as me with-in games.

    My contacts are as follows:

    Xfire: Roflownedgeek
    Steam: EMPzY90

    Thanks for reading my thread and I hope to get some adds soon,


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    Re: Player looking for a competitive PC team

    Where is Lhune?
    Thanks for reading my post and i hope to get your answer soon,



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