Even after so many hours of play, I can't stand downed fire as it is now. I make a principle not to take it for my chars, but when I see the combo :
- light+carb
- downed fire + self revie

It makes me wanna muder somebody.

So my ideas, thrown there :

- possible limit for downed fire, in time : for example, once activated, lasts 20-30 seconds, then the incap player "dies". This is to avoid people staying down forever in a advantaging corner/location, and making tons of kills this way. the 30 seconds should be enough to "finish" their fights, or participate in big fights even when down.

- possible limit for downed fire to be allowed only for Heavy boy types, and available right away, (maybe also medium, could allow different time limit if crossed with idea #1). After all, on must be tough to continue fighting even after being shot down. While it makes sense with heavies (tough, resilience), I don't see lights biting the dust and then continuing to fight from the ground that easily.

These ideas are mostly meant to break the combo light+carb+downedfire (+self revive or +class engy/damage boost, depending). which is often way OP compared to other setups.