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    Re: Least Used Weapons

    Quote Originally Posted by Hot-Wire View Post
    Is it a patch or have they added it to netvar already? I don't know, it would make sense however if they did already add it to netvar, because weapons tuning seems like the most popular type of patch they are going to perform.
    They said it's going to be a patch because there's 1500+ variables to adjust when it comes to accuracy. Too many values to put into netvars.
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    Re: Least Used Weapons

    Well if they don't get rid of the weird random bullet direction thing they added in brink I don't see the weapon tweaks doing anything useful.

    The recoil in brink also seems to have some sort of weird automatic recovery which sorta sucks (i think most fps has some sort of recoil recov but not like this). Test it yourself, stand facing a wall, Shoot until clip empty without moving your mouse and watch the gun move back to where you started.

    My least used......Gotlung, FKRN3 or whatever it is, Lobster GL Barnett and Dragonv.
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