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Thread: Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

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    Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

    Looking for a competition clan, someone who takes victory and fun seriously.

    Right now I'm a medic level 18, be 20 by tonight, mid-weight, mid-lines fighter. But I can take on any role in the battlefield. I have a microphone, and hope you do too, and am just looking for a clan to dominate the online kids.


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    Re: Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

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    Re: Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

    Hey man,

    Silk Clan is recruiting all sorts of members, we are a global multi-platform gaming clan, who are starting out on Brink, and we are going to endeavour to move to other games in the future.

    We are usually casual gamers, although for each platform division, we will let out teams to go to tournaments etc.

    We are also reaching out to other clans to get some scrims going.

    Check us out @ Our Website and Our Forums



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    Re: Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

    if you are a hardcore ps3 brink player and really good, i will give you a tryout if ur in or not in our clan, btw if you play a lot for sure u played with me already and saw how we play, doubt? my stat

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    Re: Looking for Brink Clan [PS3] -Competition

    Hey add me at Blade3125


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