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    PLEASE READ: A word on bots

    Some of you are using legacy cvars from Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars on the assumption that they work exactly the same for Brink. A great many things have been changed under the hood since ETQW, so porting configs from ETQW should be avoided. We advise either creating these from scratch or using the defaults we provide.

    For example, a number of people are experiencing NPC escort objectives not spawning on Aquarium and SecTow - this is because the server admin has disabled all AI, including the objective NPCs.

    To avoid this, do not use the bot_enable cvar.

    If you want to control the bot settings on your server, you should use these commands:

    bot_minclients -1 = bots disabled
    bot_minclients 0 = bots never spawn automatically (must be manually added)
    bot_minclients 16 = bots spawn up to a maximum of 16
    admin addbot = spawns a bot in an available slot, preferring to join the team with less players
    admin addbot security soldier = adds a Soldier bot to the Security team (assuming team balance setting permits this); the bot may switch class if no other player/bot is playing as the primary objective class
    si_teamForceBalance 1 = team autobalance ON
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