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Thread: Seanza's IRC guide

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    Seanza's IRC guide

    My guide is back and it's been BRINKED! As always, feedback is welcomed. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. Spread the word of this guide to help others find out about the wonderful world of IRC!

    What is IRC, and what is the point in it?
    IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is basically a way of chatting to others via a server connection. It's essentially a chat room. It's extremely useful for competitive gaming, and of course casual gaming but isn't as much as a necessity for this.

    Which client should I use?
    There are a variety of different clients, the most common is mIRC and this guide will be built around that specific client. However, you can choose whichever client you wish.

    Downloading mIRC

    Firstly, you'll need to download your IRC client. As mentioned above, we'll be using mIRC in this guide. Download the latest version here, save it on your computer then install it.

    Click on the "Download mIRC" green banner:

    A new page will open and then you will click on "Download now" here:

    Installing mIRC

    The installation wizard is is extremely easy to follow, however, here are some screenshots through each step for those who are not entirely aware of how to install mIRC (Buttons highlighted in blue are the ones you click):

    mIRC Setup

    The first thing you need to do when setting up mIRC is choosing your nickname. Nicknames may contain only letters, numbers and the following other characters: [ ] ( ) \ ` - _ |

    Then you need to select your server. The main ones are QuakeNet and GameSurge, the former tends to be used by Euros and the latter by those from North America. However, this doesn't exclusively mean you must be one or the other to join a certain network!



    After you hit the "Select" button, you're ready to connect to the server, so go on, hit that connect button!

    Joining channels

    Adding a channel to your favourites is relatively easy. On initial startup, you should see this screen:

    It will be populated with suggested channels, delete those, you won't need them. Once deleted, get adding your own favourites by clicking "Add"

    Once you have added all your channels, these should now connect automatically every time you load mIRC (make sure you have "Join on connect" ticked).

    Suggested channels for Quakenet
    #splashdamage (Official Splash Damage IRC channel)
    #brink (Official BRINK IRC channel)
    #brink.pickups (Play organised mixgames with friends or people you don't know)
    #brink.wars (A channel where you can search for match practice or if you already have a mixteam looking to play some scrims)
    #brinktv (These guys broadcast competitve and non-competitive events for BRINK)
    #BRINKish (BRINK's European competitive community)

    Suggested channels for GameSurge
    #brink (Brink community channel)
    #brinkscrim (The main practice clan war channel for NA players)
    #brinkpug (Play organised mixgames with friends or people you don't know)
    #brinktv (These guys broadcast competitve and non-competitive events for BRINK)
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    Join the conversation at #dirtybomb on Quakenet IRC.


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